Keep Fit During Working Hours

Keep Fit During Working Hours

Living in the modern world, we are trying not to miss any opportunity to become a successful person.

Nowadays most of us spend more time sitting at offices until late night. As a result, reduced physical activity may cause some serious health problems. So is it possible to stay fit and healthy having full-time office job?

However, there are several steps for you to follow during working hours.

Stay on the go

If you have a meeting, try to stay on the go, do not take it sitting down. Schedule your meeting so that you are walking around with your colleagues and partners. Surely, such meetings should be agreed in advance to avoid any inconveniences for other members of the meeting.

Stand up every hour

Making some tasks we can stuck in front of laptop screen for long time. Set up a reminder on your phone to get up at least once every hour. Take a chance to have a cup of herbal tea/glass of water or just say hello to your colleagues who are working on a different floor or in the other office corner. This will help to refresh your mind and give you an extra boost to increase productivity.

Keep away from office vending machines

Make an effort – stop snacking from vending machines at work if you don’t want to gain six pounds a year, as recent study shows. Plan your working day in advance, and it is not only about project deadline, it is about your healthy snacks. Once you are buying food for a week do not forget to include into your shopping lists healthy hunger killers, for example, almonds, granola bars, bananas, light yogurt, baby carrots etc.

Gather your team

Most likely your colleagues are busy too. Try to inspire each other to keep fit together. Create an office lost weight challenge with specific rules. Motivation by competition spirit makes some of us get moving. In the end of the challenge you may award one of your co-worker – winner, but everyone benefits from getting healthy.

Be positive

Do not forget to smile during busy days at the office. Don’t be afraid to share some funny moments of your life with your colleagues. Nothing works faster to make your body relaxed than a good laugh. Humor is a powerful antidote to stress, bad mood and conflict. It may strengthen your immune system and improve your emotional health in the office environment. Moreover, recent survey shows that laughing for 10 to 15 minutes a day helps your body to burn more than 30 calories.


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