Cheat Meals That Won’t Break Your Loss Weight Diet

Cheat Meals That Won’t Break Your Loss Weight Diet

From this article, you will learn the best cheat meals, which are healthy for rare days of self-indulgence.

Even if you are truly devoted to healthy lifestyle, you should admit that temptation is chasing you everywhere, and you cannot remain in isolation of a delicious food world.

According to nutritionists, those who have cheat meal once a week are more successful in achieving their weight loss goals.

A platter of your favorite cheeses

Indulge yourself with some high-quality cheeses platter. Here are some light options for cheese lovers:


Feta Cheese

Goat Cheese


Parmesan Cheese

Turkey bacon breakfast

This is a great alternative to the traditional breakfast, which normally includes pork bacons slices with unwanted fat and calories. Replace pork for turkey bacon, fry your egg in coconut oil and enjoy your the most important meal of the day.


Lush burger with veggies

Who doesn’t like to have a lush burger? The same goes with burger lovers. Your option is to replace usual beef with delicious turkey and simple add lot of veggies which you like. This cheat meal is rich in protein. The only one strict requirement is to avoid mayonnaise


Granola bowl for anytime

Wide variety of granola gives you a chance to find your favourite type at the supermarket. Otherwise, you can easily make your own granola at home if you do not want to overpay. Granola usually consists of oats, which are impressively rich in fibre. Try to add to granola bowl low-sugar yogurt and blueberries on the top.


Dark chocolate

Being known as a great endorphins producer, dark chocolate is must in your cheat meals list. Chocolate helps us feel better, slowing production of stress hormone, cortisol. Therefore, you can go ahead and indulge yourself with a piece of dark chocolate on a cheat day without feeling guilty. However, do not lose control.


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