6 Tips To Recover From Vacation Diet

6 Tips To Recover From Vacation Diet

I am more than sure – everybody loves holidays. Unfortunately, vacation can really take its toll on your body if you are not keeping your diet. Being on vacation usually means more restaurant food and less restful sleep. And there’s nothing fun about getting home five pounds heavier with low energy level at the end.

Making a few things non-negotiable upon return is the essential to looking and feeling better quickly.

1. Make a green smoothie or juice on a daily basis. 

Back from vacation or not, this would be basic tip for anyone wanting to look and feel healthier. Green smoothies and juices refresh the body with nutrients for a quick energy boost. They will also help to curb those cravings after eating salty restaurant food.

2. Fiber-rich foods needed. 

To get your digestion back on track after vacation is essential. Your body needs both soluble and insoluble fiber and you can get both from plant foods. Soluble fiber is liquid-absorbing and filling and some great sources include oats, chia and flax seeds, beans and berries. Insoluble fiber, which help to move things through the bowel and get rid of the bad stuff, can be found in brown rice, wheat and vegetables.

3. Stay hydrated. 

Surely, this is not news to anyone but is just a biggie. Detox your body and help to release the extra weight and bloat from the over-indulgence by getting plenty of water. Half your body weight in ounces is the essential rule of thumb.

4. Take a break.

Take a break from eating for a minimum of 12 hours on a daily basis during the first week after return.

Dinner tends to get later when on vacation so closing the kitchen down earlier will ease your body from trying to digest your food while you sleep.

5. Sleep well. 

Some people may suffer from insomnia if they are not in their own bed. Late meals and alcohol combination may also hinder from getting the deep, healing sleep our bodies require. Add a bit extra time during each night to start catching up on those lost hours during vacation.

6. Follow “My Body Back” meal plan.

Do not run straight to the scale when you return home. Give yourself a couple days to implement the “My Body Back” strategy and prepare some meal plan.


For example:

6:30am: Wake up, drink a big glass of water with lemon.

7:00am: Fresh spinach smoothie.

10am: A bowl of oatmeal with bananas, cinnamon, berries and a drizzle of honey.

1:00pm: Big, leafy green salad with avocado.

4pm: Green juice.

6:30pm: Bean and boiled rice, tomatoes, avocados with salsa topping.

7pm: Kitchen closing time. Have a ginger tea for fending off any cravings.

10pm: Sweet dreams.



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